Projects & Actions
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Universal Keys

Five thousand “universal” handcuff keys hang on a wall in a formation that creates an optical illusion of two interlocking links. Visitors are invited to take a key for personal use thereby deconstructing the links over the course of the exhibition.

The Field Trip: The Politics of Abstraction & The Abstraction of Politics

This 1-day roving symposium across Angel Island State Park (CA) wove together a range of topics. Presenters included: a park interpreter, an art curator, a data visualizer, an investigative journalist, a former military remote viewer (aka, psychic spy), an artist, and a US National Security Agency whistleblower.

Linking & Unlinking - Know Your Rights

Combining handcuff escapes, magical illusions, and essential tips for encounters with police, this video was initially screened on a 30ft billboard in New York City.

Magicc Wands

The Light & Dark Arts - A Radical Magic Show

Combining Snowden’s revelations, the story of Faust, theatrical stage magic, and a metal band, this full-length production illuminates the shadowy realm of economic manipulation, political deception, and vanishing privacy in a grand battle between demonic forces and magical desires.

Magicc Wands

Witches' Cradles -

Existing at a technological crossroads where torture, recreation, magic, and self-liberation merge together, Witches’ Cradles are an interactive public installation based on a contemporary re-envisioning of a medieval torture device.


Transporter -

Part amusement ride, part sensory deprivation chamber, the Transporter is a social witches’ cradle for 13 travelers at a time.

Love is a Souvenir

Actively addressing NY’s shifting public image in relation to the NYPD’s controversial Stop & Frisk policy, this public intervention interrogates the ways in which public policy imprints itself upon the social and cultural fabric – both literally and figuratively.

Magicc Wands

Magic(k) Wands -

From barcode scanners, to UV purifying wands, to remote controls, and beyond, magic wands are consistently being re-envisioned, re-presented, and re-packaged. Here's a look at our collection...

Ghost Machine

Ghost Machine -

There are specters haunting post-Soviet Georgia. And the Ghost Machine seeks to channel them...

The Tactical Ice Cream Unit -

Rollin' out with frosty treats & food-for-thought!

The Ultimate Jacket -

Fifty Secret Pockets; Endless Possibilities

The Ultimate Jacket Display -

The Ultimate Jacket Display is a form of bizarre cultural taxidermy highlighting the Ultimate Jacket, and the potential for self-sited action adventure.

Magicc Wands

The Bank Heist Contest -

Can planning a bank robbery really pay off? Yes, it can. The Bank Heist Contest is offering $1000 for the best bank robbery proposal.


Smoky Hill River Outpost -

An amalgam of playhouse, prison, and pyramid, the multiple-level activity center combined high-tech surveillance with more mysterious means of information acquisition.

Cricket-Activated Defense System -

The CADS project is an interspecies collaboration which actively addresses illegal logging in California's threatened redwood forests by recombining trickle-down consumer technologies from the military-industrial complex.

Vital Psigns -

Vital Psigns is a social experiment that seeks to address individual mind power and the potential for human/plant communication.

Citizen Survey -

In a manner which presents issues without forcing an agenda, survey takers are asked to rank their level of agreement on statements addressing responsible citizenship of corporations, government, police, mass media, and other institutions.

Bechtel Predator Drones-

"Bechtel Predator Drones" successfully targeted the Bechtel corporate headquarters in San Francisco where employees and pedestrians alike experienced first-hand the effects of leafletting and unmanned predator drones.

Free Occult Services -

A temporary ritual space is established within which individuals gain insights into their own unharnessed potential as they have their fortunes told, curse their (least) favorite institution, and learn simple magical tactics for combatting the abuse of power.

Free Occult Services Clinic -

The Clinic offers individuals the opportunity to explore the socio-political potential of astral projection and past-life regression.

SACred: Art-Bloodrive -

SACred engaged systems of circulation, mapping, service, information, and exchange through a social experiment aimed at facilitating the cooperative sharing of resources between two different community groups (the Salina Art Center and the American Red Cross).


Pow(d)er Struggle -

Many latent energies and unseen forces are activated by passing out donuts to police and protesters alike.

Semiotic Reclamation Project -

The SRP organizes workshops and group actions around tactics of detournement, agit-prop, graffiti, and other forms of semiotic magic.

Season's Greetings! -

'Tis the Season... for holiday hijinks!


Black Panther History Marker -

This historical marker resulted from a collaboration between artist Jeremy Deller, David Hilliard of the Black Panther Party, and the CTM.

Humble Pie -

As an exercise in creative diplomacy, the Chinese word for "apology" or "heartfelt regrets" was baked into the crust of a fresh apple pie. This pie was personally delivered to the Chinese embassy in San Francisco following President Bush's refusal to apologize for the spy plane collision in March 2001.

The Autonomous Bio-Sampler -

Eco-artist Basia Irland and the Center for Tactical Magic joined forces to problem-solve the research challenges of an aquatic biologist working for DeltaKeeper, a California-based environmental organization.

Uprising! -

Aeromancy and aerial activism - Uprising! is a community kite-making project that encourages people to rise above the dark clouds hovering overhead by unleashing their own messages upon the sky.

Bombs Away -

Food fight in the agro-industrial cultural complex!