Black Panther History Marker

In a collaboration with David Hilliard (former chief-of-staff of the Black Panther Party) and Jeremy Deller (artist), the Center for Tactical Magic joined in designing and installing a commemorative historical marker at the intersection of Oakland, California's Market Street and 55th Street. The sign reads:

(front) On August 1, 1967, this stoplight was installed as a result of a community initiative spearheaded by the Black Panther Party. (back) After several children attending the nearby Santa Fe Elementary School were killed and many injured by motorists at this location, the demand for a traffic signal by the Anti-Poverty Center and the Black Panther Party began in June 1967. The Oakland City Council, however, notified the community that a traffic signal could be erected no sooner than late 1968. Rather than allowing another death in the interim, a small cadre of armed Black Panthers stopped motorists and personally escorted children across the busy intersection. No further automobile-related deaths or injuries occurred at this location, and the installation of the traffic signal began on August 1, 1967.

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