Bechtel Predator Drones

Remote-controlled Resistance.

"Bechtel Predator Drones" successfully targeted the Bechtel* corporate headquarters in San Francisco where employees and pedestrians alike experienced first-hand the effects of leafletting and unmanned protest drones. A collaboration of forces led to the development and deployment of two remote-controlled drones, each of which distributed three payloads: 1) short pamphlets detailing Bechtel's history of unsavory activities; 2) CD-ROMs designed to assist workers in installing viruses on their workstations; and 3) copies of the CIA Sabotage Manual - a small, government-authored comic book containing a series of useful sabotage techniques, the majority of which can be done in the workplace with simple objects. Over the course of the operation, the drones' pilots met resistance both by Bechtel security forces and by an undercover, camera-toting cop. Despite these minor imperial entanglements, the mission was successful.

* Bechtel Enterprises was awarded the Iraq "re-construction" contract by the U.S. Government. In addition to nearly 20,000 development projects in 140 countries on six continents, Bechtel was responsible for building chemical production facilities in Iraq prior to the second U.S. invasion of Iraq. Additionally, Bechtel has been listed among 24 U.S. companies that supplied Iraq with weapons and/or weapon-making capabilities during the 1980's.