FOS at the Luxor, Las Vegas

FOS at Ol' Faithful,Yellowstone Nat'l Park

Free Occult Services

The Future is Now.

Free Occult Services is a nomadic public project which establishes a temporary ritual space wherein individuals gain insights into their own unharnessed potential through one of three magical activities:

Fortune-telling -
Fortune-telling begins as a fun, simple, and easy exercise in magical thinking wherein participants casually suspend conventional rationality in a moment of interpersonal meditation. Relying on the ancient wisdom revealed through the talismanic codes of Tarotism, this symbolic journey to the frontiers of intuition coaxes participants into reflecting on their relationship to current events, community issues, and dominant social themes. Unlike typical Tarot readings which take an ego-centric approach, Free Occult Services provides a community-based interpretation that doesn't isolate participants from the world around them.

Empowerment -
Initiating participants into the realm of Tactical Magic, Empowerment is a ritual invocation fusing the science of understanding oneself and one's condition with the art of applying that understanding in action. Beginning with a concerted distillation, participants trace their social malaise and cultural consternation to an accountable source, often a perpetrator of neo-feudalist repression. The participant then transforms their dispirited sentimentalities by employing a diagrammatic hex designed to counter the malevolent metaphysical and metapsychological manipulations of oppressive forces. Although no individual persons are targeted, organizational entities, large corporations, and social institutions which initiate and support malign policies and exploitative practices are deemed appropriate recipients of the participant's curse.

Transformation -
Transformation is quite simply an introduction to street-level Tactical Magic. Linking modern graffiti techniques with the ancient practice of affixing curses to the property of one's foe, Transformation also implements a diagrammatic hex, but in the form of a sticker for easy application. As an interactive ritual invocation involving the creation and application of diagrammatic hexes, Transformation provides the participant with all the tools s/he needs to take that difficult first step in mentally, spiritually, and physically addressing social injustice. By giving voice to suppressed misgivings and sublimated desires, participants readily gain insights into their own unharnessed potential, enabling them to see beyond the illusion of disillusionment and into the golden aethyr of collective empowerment.

Click here for Do-It-Yourself Transformation.

* Note: While Tactical Magic does not ascribe to a belief system polarized into Black and White magic, it is nevertheless important to note that religious and secular circles alike largely agree that actively combatting physical and spiritual injustice is a virtuous act which liberates oneself and others from the abuses of power, thus clearing collective aberrations and opening the gates to empyrean transformation.