Transformation Magic
Raiders of the Lost Arts - A Manifesto
Tactical Magic Operations
Applied Magic(k) #1 - An Introduction to Magic(k)
Applied Magic(k) #2 - Magic(k) on the Menu
Applied Magic(k) #3 - Sigils, Logos, & Lucky Charms
Applied Magic(k) #4 - Magic(k) Calls
Applied Magic(k) #5 - Calling All Ghosts
Applied Magic(k) #6 - Mobilizing Vehicles for Change
Applied Magic(k) #7 - Will-Power to the People!
Applied Magic(k) #8 - Shake That Stick! (A Word on Magic(k) Wands)
A Power Transposition Spell (for Subverting Institutional Authority)
Linking Rings/Self-Liberation (a poem)
Tactics Without Tears
A Look At Magic & the Military Through the Ages
Free Occult Services - Transformation (sticker/hex)
Secret Pockets - An Interview w/ Greg Sholette & CTM spokesman, Aaron Gach
Public Engagement - An Interview between Lab.mimesis & the CTM
Smoky Hill River Outpost Article