Press Materials

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Tactical Ice Cream Unit:
TICU 1 - Liberty Memorial
TICU 2 - Launching the Scout Vessel
TICU 3 - Righteous Cart
TICU 4 - Kids at Play
TICU 5 - Schematic Poster
TICU 6 - Tactical Ice Cream Man
TICU info page - pdf
Ultimate Jacket:
Ultimate Jacket w/ Gas Mask
Ultimate Jacket Poster/Ad
Ultimate Jacket Ad w/Review
Ultimate Jacket Installation
Ultimate Jacket Installation - detail
Cricket-Activated Defense System:
CADS Poster
CADS Forest Installation
CADS Performance/Demo (University of California, Santa Cruz - 2000)
Bigfoot Sighting
Aeromancy/Uprising Kite Project:
Aeromancy Kite
Vital Psigns / Psychobotany
Vital Psigns Still Life
Vital Psigns Performance
Vital Psigns Installation 1
Vital Psigns Installation 2
Ghost Machine
Ghost Machine in Tbilisi, Georgia
Witches' Cradle
Witches' Cradle - prototype 1
Witches' Cradle - prototype 2
Witches' Cradle - swing set 1
Witches' Cradle - swing set 2
Witches' Cradle - gallows
Witches' Cradles - In the Heart of a Dark Star
Witches' Cradle - Transporter
Wands Collection
Wands at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art)
Wands detail
more press images of wands can be found here
Love is a Souvenir
Kendall posing in front of his souvenir stand
Anthony posing with a shirt
Souvenir stand detail


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